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The University of Wolverhampton can provide basic short-stay accommodation for students and visitors, approximately 5 - 10 mins walk from Springfield Campus (the main venue for the conference). The accommodation provides single study bedrooms suited for individuals. The weekly cost for a standard room is £94.00 and the en-suite room is £112.00. The accommodation fee includes all utility bills, internet access and limited contents insurance. You can have a closer look at the facilities here. This fee does not include bedding, towels, and toiletries. Tenants are expected to keep the room and bathroom clean and tidy, this is also applicable to communal areas.  Persons interested should email directly to secure accommodation stating that they are part of the conference. Spaces are limited and will function on a first come first serve basis.  


In addition to the University of Wolverhampton's basic short-stay accommodation, there are other options available for individuals seeking alternative arrangements. Options that are within walking distance of the venue are:

1. The Premier Inn

2. The Redwings Lodge

3. Novotel

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